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Tropical smoothie pesto chicken flatbread?

If you love chicken pesto flatbreads, then you’ll go crazy for this tropical smoothie chicken pesto version! Made with a pineapple and mango smoothie for the sauce, it’s sure to be a hit with the whole family.

A flatbread topped with a pesto chicken and a tropical smoothie.

How many calories in tropical smoothie Chicken Pesto Flatbread?

A serving of this food contains 430 calories, 16 grams of fat, 43 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, and 28 grams of protein.

A food is considered relatively rich in vitamins and minerals if it contains at least 37% of the daily value (DV) per calorie. This food is a good source of calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It also contains a high amount of risky components that may include saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugars.

How many calories are in chicken pesto flatbread

This dish is high in calories and carbs, but it is a good source of protein. It contains 19g fat, 26g protein, and 430 calories.

The Chicken Pesto Flatbread is one of our most popular menu items, and it’s easy to see why! The flatbread has a slightly chewy texture that’s the perfect base for the juicy grilled chicken, plump tomatoes, shredded parmesan cheese, and shredded mozzarella. The pesto sauce gives the whole dish a tangy flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

What is the healthiest thing to get at Tropical Smoothie?

The popular Detox Island Green smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe is packed with nutrients and is a great healthy option. The fresh vegetable and fruit ingredients make this smoothie a great choice for those looking for a healthy option.

While smoothies may be a healthier alternative to milkshakes and sodas, they can still pack a lot of sugar and calories. The average amount of calories and sugar among all of Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s smoothies is about 495 calories and 90 grams of sugar.

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Is flatbread good for weight loss?

Flatbread can be a healthy and delicious part of a balanced diet. Homemade flatbread is especially great because you can control everything that goes into it, using whole grains and low fat options. Plus, you can add in ingredients like flax seeds for an extra nutritional boost.

Pesto is a delicious and healthy part of the diet, but it is high in calories and fat. While it is somewhat healthy, it does not aid in weight loss benefits. In addition, pesto might not be suitable for a low-calorie weight loss diet plan because its ingredients include olive oil, nuts, and cheese.

What does pesto do for the body

Pesto is a sauce made from basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese. It is usually used as a condiment on pasta dishes.

Pesto is packed with antioxidants thanks to its ingredients, such as basil and garlic. These antioxidants can help to protect your cells from damage and may reduce your risk of some chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

Pesto can also help to normalize your blood pressure. This is due to the presence of magnesium in pesto, which is known to relax blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

Pesto is also a good source of calcium. This mineral is important for bone health and can also help to reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

There are many ways to incorporate pesto into your diet. You can use it as a condiment on pasta dishes, or you can add it to sandwiches, wraps, or salads. You can even use it as a dip for bread or crackers.

Pesto is a delicious sauce made from olive oil, nuts, and cheese. While it can be high in calories and fat, the fat is primarily unsaturated and may have heart health benefits. Pesto is also full of antioxidants that can help protect your cells from damage.

Does pesto have carbs or sugar?

Pesto is a sauce made from basil, garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts. Though it is high in fat, a spoonful of pesto only contains just under 1 gram of carbohydrates. This makes pesto a very low-carb food. Pesto is also a good source of protein and vitamins A and C.

This Schlotzsky’s Flatbreads California Chicken & Avocado Artisan contains 49g total carbs, 42g net carbs, 49g fat, 41g protein, and 780 calories. This is a lot of food and it is very high in calories. If you are looking for a healthier option, you may want to consider a different menu item.

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What’s the difference between flatbread and thin crust

The main difference between flatbread and pizza crust is that flatbread is thinner and crispier than pizza crust. Some people even say that thin-crust pizza should be thicker and chewier than flatbread. Flatbread has a more crusty, crumbly texture.

Flatbread and wheat bread are both very nutritious and can be a great addition to your diet. However, the specific nutrition information for each type of bread depends on its recipe. So, be sure to check the labels or ask your baker for more information before you purchase either type of bread.

What are the different types of flatbread?

Flatbreads are a staple in many cuisines around the world. Here are some of the most popular types of flatbreads:

Tortilla: A Tortilla is a thin, round, unleavened flatbread that is popular in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. It is made from corn or wheat flour and is typically boiled or grilled.

Pita: Pita is a soft, round, unleavened flatbread that is popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. It is made from wheat flour and is typically baked.

Naan: Naan is a soft, leavened flatbread that is popular in Indian cuisine. It is made from wheat flour and is typically baked in a tandoor (clay oven).

Chapati: Chapati is a flatbread that is popular in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. It is made from whole wheat flour and is typically grilled or cooked over an open flame.

Focaccia: Focaccia is a type of Italian flatbread that is typically baked with olive oil and herbs. It is made from wheat flour and is typically round or rectangular in shape.

Tropical Smoothie is a great place to eat if you are looking for a healthy and filling meal. However, if you are trying to lose weight, it is not the best option. The smoothies at Tropical Smoothie are large and can easily pack in a lot of calories. Instead, buy a blender and make your own smoothies at home. Try to keep the serving size to 10-12 ounces so that you don’t overdo it on the calories.

Can Tropical Smoothie be a meal replacement

Tropical smoothies are a great meal replacement option thanks to their high fiber content. Some tropical smoothies are also great for weight loss. If you’re looking for an extra protein boost, a tropical smoothie recipe with Greek yogurt or a scoop of protein powder is the perfect fix.

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Despite what you may see on TikTok, there is no such thing as a “secret menu” at Tropical Smoothie. The chain does have a few off-menu items that you can order, but nothing that’s truly “secret.” So next time you’re craving a Tropical Smoothie, don’t try to order something that doesn’t exist!

Can I ask for no added sugar at Tropical Smoothie

We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying our smoothies! We want to let you know that all of our smoothies can be made with Splenda instead of Turbinado to save calories. We add Turbinado sugar to some of our smoothies for extra flavor, but if you prefer, you can always ask to leave them out. Thanks for your feedback and we hope you continue to enjoy our smoothies!

Turbinado sugar is a type of partially refined sugar that retains some of the original molasses from the sugarcane. It has a subtle caramel flavor and may cost up to three times as much as white sugar.

What is Turbinado in a smoothie

While sugar is often one of the first ingredients listed for many smoothies, it is important to keep in mind that it is still sugar nonetheless. Turbinado is considered a more natural form of brown sugar, but it is still important to be aware of the amount of sugar you are consuming.

Pitas are a great option for those on a low-salt diet, as they are lower in sodium than bread. The main difference you’ll see between the two types of bread lies in the quality of the ingredients – a slice of white Wonder bread isn’t going to contain the same nutrition or fiber as a whole-wheat pita.


The Tropical Smoothie Pesto Chicken Flatbread is a unique and delicious sandwich that is perfect for summertime. The flatbread is made with a pesto chicken spread, and is topped with fresh tropical fruits. This sandwich is sure to be a hit with your family and friends!

The tropical smoothie pesto chicken flatbread is a great choice for a quick and easy meal. It is packed with flavor and has a nice, crispy crust. The chicken is juicy and tender, and the pesto adds a nice depth of flavor. The flatbread is also filling and satisfying.