The irony is just mind boggling. Look closely at the top right corner….


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  1. Keith R Dearborn says:

    Hi Rip,
    I began your father’s diet after reading his book plus The China Study (and now yours) in February of this year. I am an eighty yr. old widower living on the western slope of Pike’s Peak with an awesome view. My results are as follows as of June 15:TC down from 229 to 151; LDL down from 145 to 81; HDL down 2 pts. from 60 to 58; TRG down from 123 to 63; GL down from 111 to 108 (Still high); BP down from 150/90 to 110/68. My weight is now 155-160 (as opposed to 184) which is good for 5/10.2″. My morning weight is 150 but naturally goes up with clothes on and activity. My digestion has resolved itself (no more heart burn) and I eliminate easily four times a day which is entirely new for me. I went to my Dr. with the results and he was almost jumping for joy. He said I had ten to twenty years eating this way. I will get tested this month again to see the new results. My daily diet begins with half a watermelon or musk melon and a green smoothie (generally bananas,mango, spinach leaves, hemp powder, ground flax seed and coconut water. I also spray B12 under my tongue and have spent an hour a day in early Colorado sun each day this summer. Midday i have a veggie Pita sandwich and evening brings your salad (greens, brown rice, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers,and raisins with Perel Cuisine flavored vinegar. I can’t thank you enough or your folks for making these years the best in my life. I have had prostate cancer (1990), heart attack(2001), (no heart damage) terminal (sure) blood clots in my lungs, gout, shingles etc. I look forward to dis-ease free years enjoying my new found energy (I walk/run between 2 and 5 miles daily). Truly the Cosmic Energy has blessed you and yours. Thank you again! Keith R Dearborn

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