Sam I am. Sam I am. Do I like greens and beans? Yes I do!!!

Here is a huge Engine 2 shout out to Sam who went on a cruise and lost 13 pounds!!! He is an inspiration and is living proof that you can take a cruise and get healthier and lose weight while living the life of luxury. Thanks, Sam for sharing your E2 story!!!!

Sam went on a cruise and lost 12 pounds!!!!

Sam went on a cruise and lost 13 pounds!!!!


Thanks for the awesome book. While I’ve always heard you shouldn’t eat this or that, and totally understood why, no one ever gave a GREAT “do this and eat this” option. It was always “just don’t eat the bad stuff!” So besides the great science and suggestions you shared, your menu options and grocery list IS THE STUFF! Seeing that, had me sold and I jumped on board “cold turkey” (or cold asparagus if you rather)!

So the real kicker is this…I downloaded your book to my eBook before jumping a flight to Europe for a 10 day cruise. You know, one of those “I don’t know how I put on 20lbs in 2 weeks?” cruises! So instead I ordered and ate as directed, had a fantastic cruise and in 10 days dropped 13 pounds and feel like a million bucks. A funny note there, when I landed in Barcelona I went for my, what’s become my normal laboring 3 mile run…after the cruise and 10 days and losing 13 pounds, I did the same run and felt like a whole new person! (Duh I’m not carrying what’s equal too a backpack filled with 13 steaks on my back!)

I’ve got 1 more week to go, and then will definitely keep up most of the practices…with the exception of an ice cream splurge when necessary! :)

Interesting note….besides the cholesterol drop, I wouldn’t consider it a weight loss diet, but rather a weight normalization diet. After my 13 lbs. which took me to my normal weight I had been for years, there has been no more loss. It is the correct weight for my height and age. Obviously I didn’t have that much to lose weight-wise but for some this diet could be shocking! (in a good way)

All the best….GO GREEN!
Sam Stanton

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  1. Dana says:

    It would be helpful to hear more details on what and how you ate on the cruise. I am scheduled for a cruise in a couple months and am worried I wont find anything to eat that isnt covered in salt, fat, or sugar.

  2. samIam says:

    Honestly I started on day 1 of the cruise and for the first 2 days i was all skitz’ed out as to what i could eat. (granted i was on an all inclusive) Anyway after 2 days i got into a groove!
    So breakfast was:
    -Decaf hot tea
    -Oatmeal with fresh fruit (and soy some days)
    -Whole grain toast with honey or peanut butter
    -Fresh Fruit
    -Veggie burger with avacado and sprouts…salad with vinegar dressing
    -whole grain pasta with red sauce and mushrooms…no cheese
    -veggie sandwich (cucumber, avacado, tomatoe, sprouts, mushrooms on whole grain bread)
    -bean burrito on whole wheat tortilla (no cheese)…add some green pepper for a crunch
    -cheese-less pizza with mushroom, artichoke, pineapple, asparagus!
    -spinach salad with walnuts and strawberry and balsamic vinegar
    -killed the salad bars whenever they were set up!
    -guacamole tacos no cheese
    substitute rolls (oh those evil processed rolls that are begging for slabs of butter on them) with rye krisp crackers…great for soaking up red sauce
    Snacks & Dessert
    -baked chips and salsa
    -celery and peanut butter
    -super super dark chocolate…funny thing there is that two little pieces talk all dessert craving away

    Actually the hardest part was I also gave up my addiction of 10 diet cokes a day as well.

    Hey if you are going to do it….DO IT TO IT, no halfways, no “maybe this wont hurts”….do it….you feel good if you do!

    Hope that helps!

    *”In a couple months”….what are you waiting for….go ahead jump in!

  3. Dana says:

    thanks for your added comments.
    I also found out that if you give the cruiseline notice they will go above and beyond to prepare vegan dishes for you.

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