More fun food logs!!

Results From: Food Log
Submitted By: Kristen
Breakfast: Bannana, 1 cup of granola (probably not E2 approved) Bare Naked agave almond mango
Lunch: Portabella mushroom Garden Burger in a whole wheat pita with organic Heinz ketchup, Dijon mustard, pickles, tomatoes, cucumber. One half orange and grapes, one glass of water
Dinner: Potato hash, black bean tacos on whole wheat tortillas with tomato, lettuce, fresh jalapenos and salsa.
Daily Activity: Ran a half marathon, 1:48:46.
Snacks: I was bad and had my post race beer, it was free! Later enjoyed a soy milk latte from Panera. Prior to dinner I made the E2 hummus and dipped cherry tomatoes in it with awhole grain “cardboard” cracker.
Daily Observation: My husband and I planned on starting the E2 diet tomorrow, Monday, but figured we were 90 percent into it for the last week so we officially started today. I feel good today, haven’t had any of the “bonking” my husband seems to be suffering from, but then again I’m 75 lbs less than him. Maybe my caloric intake is just right.
Results From: Food Log
Submitted By: Janice
Breakfast: Rips Big Bowl
Lunch: Pita With Cannelleni Dip
Dinner: E2 Spinach Salad with gnocci
Daily Activity: Walking/
Snacks: Didnt have any
Daily Observation: Figuring out the diet and trying to keep together. I am loving the structure and knowing what to eat and love following the webpage diet.

Results From: Food Log
Submitted By: Marcie
Breakfast: Shredded Wheat w/ fresh strawberries soy milk
Lunch: whole wheat pasta organic pasta sauce w/ squash zuchinni, bell peppers and black olives nutritional yeastwhole grain wasa crackers
Dinner: 2 baked organic corn tortillas mashed black beans avacado steamed broccoli - doesn’t go together, but I needed something green w/ my meal.
Daily Activity: No Response Given
Snacks: trail mix watermelon grapes
Daily Observation: Still amazed at how I feel through out the day on this plan. It’s amazing how bad food that we eat can really take a toll on your energy. I came home tonight did dishes, cooked, baked a cake and have been to two grocery stores. I used to work late, come home, eat junk and crawl in bed - now I’m looking for things to do!!! Need to be on the treadmill….yes, I know I do!!

Results From: Food Log
Submitted By: Kristie
Breakfast: Rolled oats topped with cinnamon, blueberries and a touch of stevia for sweetness.
Lunch: Plain baked potato topped with BBQ sauce and a side of steam veggies (some restaurants just don’t have much variety, boo!).
Dinner: Green pepper stuffed with soy crumbles, couscous, tomato and corn. Left over quinoa pilaf.
Daily Activity: I did a few stretches, pushups and squats. Not nearly what I had planned, I’ll add a bike ride in tonmorrow since the weather is so beautiful.
Snacks: Small flatbread cracker (whole grain). 1/2 of a cantaloupe. Small serving of leftover quinoa pilaf.
Daily Observation: I’m loving the feeling of being back on track. Being a strict vegan doesn’t mean I was eating well. French fries are plant-based but definitely not good for this or any body. This is the kick I needed to get back into the reason I started living this way to begin with. I do need to add greens in my diet again, I actually miss them.

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