An Engine 2 Winner

Every day I receive wonderful emails from people who are doing the Engine 2 Diet, and who are succeeding in a big, big way!! Here’s a note that just came in from a fellow firefighting brother in Lincoln, Nebraska:

Rip. . .

Greetings, brother, from a fellow IAFF member and Local 644
Vice-President!! I started the Engine2Diet after my wife sent me a
link to The Huffington Post in regards to a story about you and what
you were accomplishing with the program. The first thing I did was
order the book and read it from cover to cover. Then I jumped in 100%
committed and went “all in” and full bore on the program. I started
the E2Diet on March 21, and I gave up EVERYTHING - I swore off
caffeine, sugar, processed flour, oils, soda, alcohol, etc…and
promised myself I would not cheat or cave for at least 28 days. It was
hard and the first three days of caffeine withdrawal headaches were
brutal, but as I said, I didn’t cave in! 31 days later I was able to
get in to my doctor for blood work and cholesterol check on April 22,
‘09. My amazing results are as follows:

Cholesterol Before E2Diet: 191      After 31 days on E2Diet 121

Triglycerides before E2 105      After, 99

LDL before E2 124      After, 63

HDL before E2 46      After, 38

Total weight lost, 13lbs     Age 42

My doctor was amazed and I told him all about your book and the
program, as well as the website. I happened to be the person who won
the first ever Engine2Diet trivia contest on Twitter (screen name
FyrCapt) and I now carry my food to the station in my two bright red
E2Diet grocery bags!! My department has 280 members in Lincoln, NE and
most of them know my results and what I’ve been doing on the program.
When I got my cholesterol results back I posted them to my Facebook
status and turned even more heads!

Keep up the good work; you’ve changed the lives of many people,
including mine. Thanks for taking the time to read my results and
shout out some encouragement to me - I appreciate it! I’ve been a
practicing martial artist for 25yrs and this has given me a renewed
sense of energy while training and continuing on the path. Take care
and stay safe - see you at the big one!!

Brian Giles

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