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An Engine 2 Success Story from Marion, Iowa!!!!

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Kathy Hogan, an E2, plant-strong Queen!!!

Below are two emails I received from our featured Engine 2 success story, Kathy Hogan from Marion, Iowa. Here is a big, rocking, e2licious shout out to you for taking control of your health. GOOOOOOOOOOO Kathy!!!!!  I am so proud of you for making the decision to drop the contaminated and disease promoting animal based foods and gravitating towards delicious and nutritious health promoting plant-based foods. It’s all about GAINING health, LOSING weight, and doing it in a way that is sustainable, permanent, and fun.

Hi, I just wanted to say, I saw this featured on CBS Sunday morning a couple months ago, ordered the book and started April 28 of this year. I’ve been on this eating plan for 5 weeks, and am now down 11 pounds. I love it! It’s not like a diet - it’s fun and enjoyable and so easy. I’ve tried and tried to lose weight (I’m 51, female and going through menopause).

It’s delicious and I don’t miss my steaks, hamburger, chicken or oils/dairy, etc. I used to eat fish and chicken, but am very satisfied with this eating arrangement!

My cholesterol was 134 a couple weeks ago…..never was high, but I’m overweight and I don’t want to get Type 2 like my brother did last fall (he’s 54). I’ve noticed I have no more heartburn and have more energy. I’m walking and swimming too, but feel more like doing those things. Thank you sooo much for this!

I haven’t stopped my one to two cups of coffee in the morning, and occasionally have a bit of olive oil mixed with mustard and balsamic for salads, but other than that - I’m doing the vegan thing.

I still have high blood pressure 140/98….but I imagine that will get better as I stick with this and drop more weight. 

Again…..thanks!! It’s so wonderful to eat all the farmers’ market veggies now too.

Kathy Hogan, age 51

Marion, Iowa


Rip! Oh my gosh, to my great surprise I received your email this morning (while eating my vegan bacon strips and whole grain toast).

I’ve been on every commercial diet in the world and lost some, gained some, mostly gained….but this is the best. It’s so hard to lose weight as you age (especially for a woman, I think).

The photo I’m attaching is my “before” photo….I don’t have one from today, but I can try and take a digital and send at some point.

Bless you and I am so glad I “found you.” Being featured would be awesome. Thank you.

Best to you,

Kathy Hogan