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Engine 2 Success Story from Virginia (Part I)

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
Here's a big E2 shout out to Jena from Virginia. She is an Engine 2 all-star
and decided she deserved to be healthy and went for E2 gold.
Way to go, Jena!!!

Don't ever lose faith, Jena!!!

Don't ever lose faith, Jena!!!


I hope you never get tired of people telling you how much this book
and way of eating has helped them. I'm almost 51 years old and
struggling with weight and other health issues. I'd lose a few pounds
and then binge eat like a banshee and put back more then I lost. When
my doctor checked my cholesterol on 5/15/09 it had skyrocketed and
she insisted I take a statin drug. I have been resisting taking
statins for years but this last test scared me a little. These
numbers along with my heart palpitations, heartburn, and pain I knew
I had to finally do something.

I found out about your book. On memorial day I decided to give the 28
days a chance. The first week I was so tired I just wanted to sleep.
I chalked this up to my body rebooting itself or something. After the
first week my energy came back and my heartburn went away. It hasn't
returned. The pain in my chest and the heart palpitations have also
gone over the course of the 28 days. On the morning of my 29th day I
stepped on the scale and weighed 184.0. This was an 11.4 pound loss
from my starting weight of 195.4. Then I went to get my fasting lab
work done. When I got the results back it showed my cholesterol down
from 280 to 194, TRIG down from 143 to 108, HDL down from 45.2 to
33.0, LDL down from 206.2 to 139.4. All this was with hardly any
exercise. I now plan to step up the exercise to bring that HDL up and
help get the weight off. I still have 45 to 50 pounds to lose and
want to bring my cholesterol even lower. My doctor thinks I did this
with statins. I will see her in person in August and show her what I
really took, my food!!! With continued help from your book and your
father's book I look forward to my numbers being lower still by
August. I'm even planning on giving her a copy of each book at that time.

I'm so pleased with these results and never felt deprived at all. I
ate what I wanted when I wanted (E2 approved only of course). I
enjoyed eating muffins and pancakes and even cookies. The New York
Times Veggie Burger became a common lunch item. I would make them up
on the weekends and during the week heat them up on the grill. With
some salsa and lettuce on an Ezekiel bun it was a fast and delicious
meal. The pasta primavera sauce was another favorite meal with
different whole grain pastas. I personally stayed away from all nuts
and tried to get greens in every day. I also only used original oat
milk. Breakfast was always quick cooking oats mixed with oat bran.
Instead of ending a "diet" with wanting to binge on all the forbidden
foods, this time I feel so satisfied I have no plans to stop eating
this way. I no longer have the terrible cravings for sweets like I
used to. I can't thank you enough for showing me this wonderful way to be.

Jena Helfrick
Afton, VA