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My recent travel to Central Station

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


A few Fridays ago I traveled to Station 1 (traveling being the term for a firefighter being sent to another station that is short on personnel for a day). Station 1, also known as Central Station, is located in the heart of downtown Austin; I was posted here for more than five years before moving to Station 2, where I still work.

Station 1 is consider the Animal House of the Austin fire department, because the firefighters there are rowdier than anywhere else in the city. Since there are usually twelve to fourteen firefighters on duty at all times–which is a lot– shifts there are fun and entertaining, and often crazy!

Dinners, however, are nothing more than a heart attack on a plate.

This particular Friday the menu called for one pound burgers topped with bacon and half-inch slabs of Philadelphia cream cheese with a side of deep-fried French fries.

The guys at Station 1 know I’m a plant-eater, so they always give me a tough time. The first comment that was thrown at me was, “Man, my brother has gout real bad, and his doctor told him he couldn’t eat red meat or drink beer. My brother has essentially been neutered.”

When I asked if they would consider baking some of the potato fries instead of deep frying them, the response was, “Hell, no! Maybe if it was another day of the week but not on a Friday. On Fridays, everything is fried!”

At 2:30 a.m. we got called to a three-alarm apartment fire, and we were up all night fighting the flames and cleaning up afterwards. So there we were, all tired and worn out, walking back to the station, when one of the guys says, “The grease in the food is what gave us the get-up-and-go energy to fight fire all night long.”

The take home message: Most guys don’t get it. They don’t understand the manliest way to prevent disease so you can be around for your family and loved ones is to embrace a plant-strong diet. Not only that, but a plant-strong diet helps prevent erectile dysfunction! Don’t believe me? Read page 39 of my book.

So spread the word. Real men eat plants!!!!!