Typical results after 28 days of Engine 2 indulgence. Eat more. Lose more.

Men Women
Cholesterol 344 to 196 Weight -14 lbs
If a red neck like me can do this, anyone can! James Rae, Firefighter
Cholesterol 223 to 175 Weight -20 lbs
I was a professional dieter until I found Engine 2. Brenda Thomas, Office Manager
Cholesterol 227 to 144 Weight -12 lbs
High cholesterol has always been a problem for me and my family. I never thought I'd be able to get it down as low as I have. Sean Cummings, Firefighter
Cholesterol 236 to 175 Weight -16 lbs
What a immeasurable GIFT this approach was to my family's health! Thank heavens a bunch of fireman did this first to give me the confidence that -- if they could, we could. And we have. Do what you can. You might surprise yourself. Sally Brinker, Housewife
Cholesterol 174 to 93 Weight -33 lbs
I noticed within the first week I was melting. Every time I got on the scale I got more and more excited. Tim Bosma, Firefighter
Cholesterol 185 to 148 Weight -8 lbs
What we discovered was that it was actually MORE interesting to eat Engine 2. We have a blast eating very colorful, delicious and filling meals. We don't miss dairy or meat in the slightest. We've lost weight, feel energized and fully enjoy the food we eat every day.
Thanks RIP!! Monica Cravotta, P.R. Consultant
Cholesterol 179 to 124 Weight -20 lbs
It's only 28 days and it will change the course of your life. Andrew Corbin, Firefighter
Cholesterol 266 to 167 Weight -9 lbs
I want to cry I am so deeply touched by the results to date and at the prospect of living my life out in this healthy manner. And, to think my children are receiving this gift at such an early age. Linda Liebowitz, Housewife
Cholesterol 170 to 115 Weight -11 lbs
If I feel this good after six weeks I can't wait to see how feel after 6 months. Chris Cordero, Banker
Cholesterol 160 to 136 Weight -9 lbs
I was very skeptical at first, but found it not as difficult as anticipated and was thrilled with the lab results. Linda Dupuy, Retired
Cholesterol 216 to 125 Weight -16 lbs
I simply followed the rules of the Engine 2 plan like a baby duck follows his mother to the pond and the results were jaw dropping. Tim Hanrahan, Business owner who sold his company to join the U.S. Army
Cholesterol 142 to 100 Weight -26 lbs
I love the results of this diet. I have always eaten "healthy" but did not realize how my body would feel after a change like this. I have much more energy and don't get that mid afternoon sluggish feeling Mary, Nanny