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Can one high fat meal cause damage? Big time!!!!

My father always says every time you eat a high fat meal of meat, dairy, and eggs you are injuring the silky smooth lining of your arteries called the endothelium and more specifically the endothelial cells (the life jackets that determine the health of your vessels). He always refers to the studies of Dr. Robert Vogel, from the University of Maryland School of Medicine for his work with the brachial artery test which demonstartes the toxic effect a single meal can have on the endothelium and how it takes nearly six hours for the health of the arteries to return to normal. If a single meal can have such an impact on the health of your 65,000 miles of veins, capillaries, and arteries, imagine the damage done by 3 meals a day/ 7 days a week/and 365 days a year.  In this latest test not only does the fat pile up in the blood but watch how the heart has to work almost twice as hard after the meal to pump the blood through the vessels. Astonishing!

You won't believe what one meal does to your blood chemistry!!!!

You won't believe what one meal does to your blood chemistry!!!!

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Can an “exercise pill,” turn couch-potato rodents into champion runners.

Here is a fun and educational short video on a pill that could greatly enhance people’s endurance without having to do any exercise. In the meantime, continue to eat plant-strong and exercise daily!!!


Firefighters at harrowing risk for heart disease

Did you know that the number one cause of in-the-line-of-duty deaths for firefighters isn’t exposure to fire, but  heart disease? Some people may be shocked to hear this, but as an active firefighter who is constantly being exposed to the culinary habits of firehouses, I find it far from shocking. In fact, as Spock would say, “it’s quite logical”, considering the amount of meat, dairy, fried foods, and refined garbage that I see firefighters toss down their gullets. It amazes me that their arteries hold up as long as they do — and apparently, for an increasing number of these men and women, their arteries are holding up less and less.

Heart attacks are the #1 killer of Fire Fighters and Americans.

Heart attacks are the #1 killer of Fire Fighters and Americans.

I came across the following article the other day and thought you might find it interesting.

Firefighter‘ would be near the top of most people’s lists of dangerous professions, but many of those people would be surprised that there’s something that poses a greater risk to those brave men and women than smoke and flames.

Nearly half of all firefighter deaths don’t come from burns, collapsing roofs, or smoke inhalation. They die of the same thing the rest of us do: heart disease.

A while back, CBS 2 told you about how firefighters were getting a simple test to find out if they were at risk. It’s probably saved many of their lives, and it could save yours too.

They put their lives on the line fighting fires and rescuing victims. They risk burns, smoke inhalation, and the dangers of collapsing buildings, but face an even greater threat. Myocardial infarction heart attacks – and these gentlemen are at high risk of having an event during or right after battling the flames,” Dr. Elliott Brown, of St. Joseph’s Medical Center, said.

The possibility makes sense, considering the more than 70 pounds of equipment they often carry into a fire – not to mention the incredible adrenaline stress that’s a part of the job. “We can go from being in a very relaxed position, to crawling around in a completely dark environment in a building that’s on fire within four minutes,” North Hudson Fire Dept. Capt. Brian McGorty said.

Capt. McGorty is one of the firefighters who took advantage of a statewide union initiative to get their firefighters educated about heart disease, and, just as importantly, screened. McGorty was one of more than 500 firefighters who got a calcium scan, a rapid CT that looks for an early sign of heart disease: calcified plaque in heart arteries. “These are patients we’ve been able to identify as needing, perhaps, cholesterol-lowering techniques such as diet, medication, exercise,” Dr. Brown said.

It turns out that nearly half of the hundreds of firefighters who got a calcium scan fall into that category of developing heart disease, and without any other symptoms. “You don’t know if you have a problem. You can be walking around and think you’re fine,” Montclair Fire Department Chief Kevin Allen said. “If you don’t go for a calcium screening to find out how you are for sure, then you won’t really know.”

So how does this affect the rest of us? Well, that five-minute calcium scan has become an accepted test for detecting early heart disease for everyone, not just firefighters. A high calcium score means you should be more aggressive in prevention efforts, including more exercise and a better diet – or, if that doesn’t work, medication.

*I don’t agree with the medication part unless you’ve had a prior heart attack.

From Miserable Man to Ultra-Distance (Plant-strong) Man!

My plant-strong ultra endurance buddy, Rich Roll is making headlines again. A few months ago he got voted one of the top 25 fittest men on the planet by Men’s Fitness magazine. He just wrote an article for CNN Health yesterday that was the #1 emailed article on CNN. Here it is!! Go, Rich!!

(CNN) — I can still remember it, vivid as yesterday. It was the eve of my 40th birthday, and I walked upstairs to take a shower. And I was winded. I mean very winded. As I was trying to catch my breath, I took off my shirt, looked in the mirror and tried to convince myself that I was still that fit guy I had always thought I was.

Somehow, I had been able to skate by on this delusion for all too many years. But the denial had finally caught up to me. I saw my true reflection, and I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. I was in the worst shape of my life. I was fat, unhappy and fed up.

It’s the typical story. First it’s the career. Then comes marriage, followed by kids. Your time is no longer your own, and you resign yourself to “maturity,” “filling out” or whatever euphemism for middle age that soothes that idea that you are simply overweight, unfit and unhealthy.

I’m here to say that it doesn’t have to be that way. I don’t care how busy you are. I don’t care how old you are, how many kids you have or how little time you think you have. The power rests within yourself to enact any change in your life you desire. And I can say this because I have seen it happen in myself and countless others.

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Rip on Good Morning America Health Online

I just spent the last 11 days at the Esselstyn family farm in upper state New York with my parents, brothers, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephews. All in all, eighteen of us converged on the place for nearly two weeks of plant-strong eating, runs, yoga, bike rides, swimming, games, and late night jawing. In the middle of it I jumped on an Amtrak train for an easy two hour ride along the mighty Hudson river with the Catskill mountains hovering in the distance to do a tape to live piece for Good Morning America Health. Here it is!!!!

Tearing a banana apart with my bare hands!!

Tearing a banana apart with my bare hands!!

Click here to view the GMA segment.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic and healthy summer.


A very funny E2 observation!

I just had to post this food log entry because of the observation he made!!!

Get those rockers healthy!!!

Get those rockers healthy!!!

Results From: Food Log
Submitted By: Jim
Submit Date: 7-10-09
Breakfast: PBJ, Coffee
Lunch: Spinich Salad w/Avacado dressing
Dinner: Soba noodles and black beans
Daily Activity: Eliptical/45min.
Snacks: energy chunks
Daily Observation: Went to Kid Rock /Lynard Skynard show and saw 25,000 people who could use lessJack Daniels and more E2…. I did have some Jack myself

E2 Success Story of Craig Parrish


Craig is committed to taking his health to the next stratosphere!!! Go!!

Craig is committed to taking his health to the next stratosphere!!! Go, Craig, Go!!!

Hi Rip!

Please feel free to blog about my story. I will do anything to help to promote E2. After I got my latest blood work results, I was pretty choked up. Honestly I felt pretty hopeless before that. It is amazing.

I am scheduled to go back in 3 months from now. I will keep you posted on my progress. But I feel like a new person. Yeah, the high protein worked, I dropped some weight but it was also killing me. I’d rather be fat and alive! But now I am at 186! My doctor (who is a slavedriver) would like me to take off 10 more. With E2, I think I can do it and do it right.

Please let me know what I can do to help promote the diet. Again, sir, I want to thank you. I have 7 year old twins and want to be around for them a long, long time. Your system is going to help me do that.

I am in Austin quite a bit, as my sister and her husband and family live there. Hopefully I get a chance to meet you in person someday, I would like to shake your hand and thank you in person.


Is a plant-based diet bad for the bones? Not!!!!


If you’ve heard rumblings in the news recently about a vegetarian or vegan diet being bad for the bones read this blog post from Austin’s own Errol Siegal so you can educate yourself. In addition, check out who funded the study!!! 

Despite recent headlines to the contrary, a recent study confirms that a vegan diet does not have an adverse effect on bone density.

We have been following this news story since it started making the rounds last week.  It virtually exploded over the course of just a few days — it was a Yahoo! News top story.  With headlines like “Bad News for Vegetarians,” and “Vegetarian diet ‘weakens bones,’” it certainly got our attention.  However, after a quick read-through of the article, we were left with many nagging questions which lead us to start digging for answers about the actual conclusions of the study, its methodology, its credibility in the face of other evidence, who was actually paying for it, and (most importantly) why this particular study shot to the top so quickly.

It turns out we were not the only ones digging.  Dr. McDougall was one step ahead of us with the facts and now we can share them with you.

See this article for a more complete explanation, but here are the main points:

America: from land of sickness to land of wellness!

This independence day I think it’s time to lay down the gauntlet as to how we as a country can reboot our sick care system to a true health, wellness, and SELF care system. This article which came out yesterday is beautiful in its simplistic and honest approach which I back 100 percent.

In this file photo, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, speaks during an interview with The Associated Press, Sept. 30, 2005, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Char

By Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa)

Washington, DC — With the Senate health committee convening daily to craft a comprehensive health reform bill, the basic outline of this landmark legislation is now clear.

Yes, it will ensure access to affordable, quality care for every American.  But, just as important, it will hold down health care costsby creating a sharp new emphasis on disease prevention and public health.

As the lead Senator in drafting the Prevention and Public Health section of the bill, I view this legislation as our opportunity to recreate America as a genuine wellness society – a society that is focused on prevention, good nutrition, fitness, and public health.

The fact is, we currently do not have a health care system in the United States; we have a sick care system.  If you’re sick, you get care, whether through insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP,community health centers, emergency rooms, or charity.  The problem is that this is all about patching things up after people develop serious illnesses and chronic conditions.

We spend a staggering $2.3 trillion annually on health care – 16.5 percent of our GDP and far more than any other country spends on health care – yet the World Health Organization ranks U.S. health care only 37th among nations, on par with Serbia.

We spend twice as much per capita on health care as European countries, but we are twice as sick with chronic disease.

How can this be so?  The problem is that we have systematically neglected wellness and disease prevention.  Currently in the United States, 95 percent of every health care dollar is spent on treating illnesses and conditions after they occur.  But we spend peanuts on prevention.

The good news in these dismal statistics is that, by reforming our system and focusing on fighting and preventing chronic disease, we have a huge opportunity.  We can not only save hundreds of billions of dollars; we can also dramatically improve the health of the American people.

Click her for full article:

California takes lead in disclosing calories in chain restaurants

California chain restaurants must reveal calorie counts

By M. S. Enkoji | Sacramento Bee  

Dining at some restaurants will be a new experience starting today, when California becomes the first state to require that chain restaurants supply calorie counts for virtually everything they serve.


Consumers should be able to make informed decisions about their health and it will raise the consciousness of how much we eat,” said John Rogers, Sacramento County environmental health division chief.

There will be no guessing – or denial – about that double Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr.: 960 calories. Side of Chili Cheese Fries to go with that? 990 calories. Maybe stick to the fried zucchini at 330 calories?

A Carl Jr's burger. 1,000 calories? Know you'll know!

A Carl Jr's burger. 1,000 calories? Now you'll know!


The new law requires restaurants with at least 20 stores in California – about 17,000 locations statewide – to provide a brochure on site listing calories, sodium, saturated fat and carbohydrates for each menu item. Both sit-down and drive-through restaurants must comply.

Here is the full article.